Nutritional Assessments

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Humans are true omnivores, and ongoing research continues to show that they have evolved to thrive on a vast variety of different foods. However, today’s modern food supply allows many to subsist on unhealthy processed items instead of whole foods packed with the nutrients needed. The human body isn’t evolved to thrive on a diet of pizza, soda, and similar foods that should only be served as occasional treats. Even if a diet seems well balanced and healthy, it is easy to accidentally add hidden sugars and starches that cause weight gain as opposed to weight loss. Many adults and children also struggle with nutrient deficiencies despite the wide variety of foods available. Investing in a professional nutritional assessment is the best way to check your current diet and adjust it before serious problems develop. 

What Are The Signs Of Dietary Issues?

Eating the wrong foods on a daily basis can be the cause of serious health problems, particularly if this imbalance continues for many years. Some of the most common signs of an improper diet include:

Ongoing fatigue that keeps you from feeling rested

Constipation or reoccurring diarrhea

Blood sugar levels that fluctuate greatly throughout the day

Low grade aches and pains with no other cause

Lowered immune system leaving you susceptible to illnesses

Irritability, depression, and other mood issues

Obesity and excess weight

Dizziness, headaches, migraines, and brain fog

Daily heartburn with no other cause

What Will Nutritional Assessment Tell Me? 

When you visit Svelte Pro to learn more about nutritional needs, we will use numerous testing methods to give a complete picture about food-related health. Testing the body with electricity can help obtain an accurate picture of the fat deposits in the body, which can reveal surprising details if you are overweight or obese. We also offer complete blood testing to identify deficiencies in crucial nutrients like iron, Vitamin B12, and calcium. If honest and full disclosure of food consumption during the tracking phase, culprits in your diet can quickly be pinpointed and recommendations can be made to fill in nutrient gaps.

However, a nutritional assessment at Svelte Pro includes more than just a few quick tests. We also ask about your pre-existing conditions and medications because these can both block the absorption of crucial minerals and nutrients. If you are taking a drug that keeps your body from absorbing calcium from food, you may need immediate supplementation to prevent serious health problems from developing. Our dietary plans are tailored to your exact needs and include both whole food sources and supplements.

Can Nutritional Assessment Help Me Lose Weight? 

Most diets marketed towards overweight or obese individuals are based on cutting back to just a few foods, which quickly creates nutritional deficiencies in the body. Professional nutritional assessment takes your goals into account, whether you are trying to lose weight or increase muscle building as an athlete. It is much smarter to adjust your diet with testing and the help of a team of experts from Svelte Pro -rather than trying to guess the right balance of carbohydrates and proteins on your own. We can devise a diet that corrects nutrient imbalances, works around your chronic conditions and medications, and helps you reach your fitness goals. You can walk out of our office confident that you can eat better without depriving yourself of the occasional treat.

Free Consultation 

Svelte Pro provides specialized weight management plans and can help you understand your body’s needs and what it will take to improve your diet and health.