Body Sculpting Laser Like Lipo


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Svelte Pro Laser Like Solutions

This incredible system features the amazing Laser-Like-Lipo which creates fat loss FAST, safely and without adverse side-effects (7-23 inches in only 6 weeks). 480-450-4092

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Non-Invasive Laser Like Solutions have ZERO known side effects and are FDA approved. 480-450-4092

Nutritional Assessment

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain weight, eliminate or prevent health problems -Svelte Pro's team of professionals will customize a plan to fit your needs and help you get optimum results. Come in for a FREE Nutritional Assessment today!

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You will be absolutely amazed at the results from laser lipo. There is no need to spend copious amounts of money on getting painful surgery. Instead, you can get the body that you want in a more cost effective way without having to endure the pain that comes along with surgery. 

-Juanna D

I admit I was a skeptic
I got the first part of my treatments not knowing if this was the real deal or not. I started with 6 treatments that I finished yesterday and I lost 11.25 inches. They give you before and after pictures. This is the real deal. I am doing a few more treatments just to get to the spot I want to be at. I recommend this to anyone especially if you don't want to have surgery!

-Laurel B